Carousel is a script plugin of After Effects to easily create carousels of images and videos. Its use is very simple. Just select the elements of composition that you want to use and start Carousel! The script will provide you with all the controls to animate your carousels.


  • 4 presets for quick setup (Classic, Vertical, Flat, 3D wheel).
  • Multilingual expressions (Supported languages: EN, FR, DE, ES, IT).
  • Double-sided elements (You can customize the rear face of each element).
  • Automatic orientation of the elements.
  • Parametric controls for all the transformations of the carousel and its elements.
  • Opacity control of the elements.
  • Shift of opacity control.
  • Use of fake elements.


Carousel can be used in multiple situations: you can turn the carousels in 3D space, by rotating the elements to obtain different geometries. All controls are easily accessible and parameters are set as the normal controls in After Effects.

Currently v1.0

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